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Tutorial Photoshop: photo manipulation, effect HDR. 2007

Tutorial Photoshop: photo manipulation


Here is a simple tutorial on how I have created the below image using Photoshop. 2007

Photoshop tutorials photo manipulation & tuning HDR. First, I imported five different images, of the man, the woman, fire, the door, the car, and the Baretta.

Photoshop tutorial photo manipulation

File - New - Wanted
Layer - New 1. man 2. woman 3. fire 4. door В 5. car 6. Beretta 


Next, I used the Move tool to move all the images and the layers as desired. I placed the man on the extreme left, the woman on the extreme right. I also rotated the image of the pistol and moved it to the right bottom corner to get what you see below.

Photoshop tutorials photo manipulation & tuning HDR

Move tool (V, shift+V, ctrl+V) all the layers...


In each layer, I deleted the background.

Photoshop tutorials tuning HDR.

Quick Selection Tool (W), Vagic Wand Tool (W), Quick Mask (Q)

Photoshop tutorials photomanipulation

Here's what happened.


Now that I have worked on the backgrounds, I concentrated on the adjustments of the image. I worked on each layer to adjust the brightness, contrast and color balance. There is no specific procedure, but each layer has to be worked upon in such a way that the combined image has the desired effect.

Image - Adjustments - brightness / contrast,В  color balance.
Photoshop tutorials photo montage


Tutorial Photoshop: photo manipulation, effect HDR. File save as Wanted-HDRPhotoshop tutorials photo manipulation

Image - Adjustments - HDR toning

I recommend
1. Shadows -100
2. Saturation 0
3. TOP keys Gamma and Exposure

Photoshop tutorials photo manipulation & tuning HDR.


Photoshop tutorials photo manipulation

After working on the tone and detail of the image under HDR toning, I had to adjust the brightness and contrast. I used the Dodge and Burn tools as indicated below..

Image - Adjustments - brightness / contrast

Here I was working tools.
blue - Dodge Tool (15-30%)
red - Burn Tool (15-30%)

Filter - Sharpen

Finally, I sharpened the image a bit to get the final image below:

Tutorial Photoshop photo manipulation