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Here is a simple tutorial on how I have created the below image using Photoshop. 2007


STEP 1. Photoshop tutorials photo manipulation & tuning HDR. First, I imported five different images, of the man, the woman, fire, the door, the car, and the Baretta. File _ New _ Wanted Layer _ New 1. man 2. woman 3. fire 4. door В 5. car 6. Beretta  STEP 2. Next, I used the Move tool …
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Tutorial: Photoshop Restoration of Old Photos II. Coloring of complex, multifaceted parts.

photoshop tutorials photorestoration

Photoshop tutorial Photo restoration. In the last tutorial I covered how you can use simple methods, color / balance, to add color to black and white photography. What should you do if you come across complex, multi-faceted objects such as wood, leaves, twigs, etc? Restoring each object individually takes a lot of time. In this tutorial …
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