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Professional Portrait Skin Retouching in Photoshop

Photo retouch services online

Retouching of Faces and Bodies. Photo digital enhancement.

Photo retouch services. Glamorous retouching is one of the methods of processing photos of professional designers and retouchers, allowing you to hide it from the flaws on the face of the model, as well as to give it a special charm, attractiveness and glamor. This method is used not only by designers of fashion magazines. Indeed, looking at the "fashion" magazines with photographs of "stars", you pay attention to the surprisingly smooth skin of photo models. They are attractive, so that each time you look in the new light on the familiar faces. What is it - the wonders of plastic surgery or the action of expensive cosmetics and smoothing creams? In fact - this is the work of a photo artist. And the master of the techniques of creating this miracle can any digital photographer.

Photo retouch services includes:

Photo retouch services

free retouching online

  • Skin retouching - elimination of defects (pimples, scratches, scars, bruises, narrowing of pores, removal of freckles and reduction in their number, wrinkle smoothing);
  • eye treatment (giving them more expressiveness), teeth whitening, make-up removal / removal, hair dressing, if required
  • at your request, you can replace the color of hair and eyes, as well as plastic, the shape of the nose, the cut of the eyes, the shape of the mouth, the shortcomings of the figure.
  • framing (removing unnecessary areas, resizing);
  • exposure compensation (lightening, darkening, contrast);
  • color correction of the image (bringing the draft - the original photo in raw format, to the desired colors)
  • translation into a black and white photo, sepia, toning a snapshot;
  • Stylize the photo;
  • vignetting;
  • some elements are added manually;
  • and much more.

Glamorous retouching is retouching faces and figures in the style of a glossy magazine. Color correction of photos is a correction of color scale, white balance, saturation, sharpness and contrast of the image, as well as equalization of the illumination of the dark or light areas of the photo.  Art photo retouch - various color correction, translation into a black and white photo, imitation of old photographs, toning and other artistic processing.

Photo retouching free online

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